Different Ways To Find Gold

Prospecting for gold is a fun and exciting activity that can be done alone or it can be done in a group or even with the family and getting the kids involved. Prospecting takes a weekend camping trip and turns it into an adventure that everyone can get excited about. There is no better way than another to prospect for gold there are different ways but you can decide which is right for you or your group or family and get started with actually just a few hundred dollars in supplies.


Panning – Panning for gold involves water and taking usually a 14 inch gold pan and swishing the water around until you rid yourself of not only the water but the large rocks and debris until you get down to the black magnetic sand and the gold below. This method takes a good deal of time and patience but it can be one of the most rewarding ways to prospect for gold.\

Mining – Mining involves actually cutting into a rock wall or into a cave to get to the veins of gold. Some people use dynamite and other explosives to mine for gold and it can be rather dangerous so this method isn’t really kid friendly but once all the explosions are done and over with getting into the mining part is surely something that the whole family can do and it would be really rewarding especially if you guys really do find gold.

Cradling – This is called cradling because the machine that is used actually looks like a child’s cradle. And it is used with gold baring soil washing out the regular dirt and rocks and stuff and leaving behind the gold in the box. This method would be really exciting to use with kids because imagine their surprise with every single box full of dirt that they put in and at the end they could actually have gold sitting in the box. It is a very easy method as long as you understand about what gold baring soil is, this method is really used by people who know a great deal about prospecting.

Digging – Digging for gold uses machines like a Sluice box which is a gold recovering devise. What happens is when you put the material in one end it riffles along the bottom of the machine and then you direct the water to run through it and the gold gets caught at the bottom. It’s actually a very interesting machine and can be used by anyone because it’s so light weight.

Metal Detectors – Finding not only gold but treasure with a metal detector is something that absolutely anyone can do. It’s a quite sport till the digging comes and even children can use them once they understand what they are listening for through the headphones that are attached to the metal detectors. This is a great family thing because not only can you find gold but you can find all sorts of treasures.